Cooking Tips for the Winter Season- Karen Mccleave

 Winter is that time of the year that we curl up on the couch and never want to go outdoors. Well, this is an excellent time to try out different recipes. Karen Mccleave Toronto, who is passionate about cooking, believes that winter is the best time to engage in various cooking activities. 

For that reason, she suggests various recipes you can try out in the winter. Don’t know where to start? Here are great cooking tips;

1. It’s The Season For Low And Slow

This is the time of year to use your oven or slow cooker to braise meats. To achieve the softest and juicy bites from any cut of meat throughout the winter, cook it slowly and low. Steer away from the conventional way of braising meats in wine and stock. Instead, consider braising meats in beer or incorporating curries to enhance the flavor. 

2. Embrace Seasonal Produce

Winter can be a terrific opportunity to try out new dishes. Make sure you include as many vegetables as you can during this season.

Add pure orange or lemon extract to achieve a tangy citrus flavor when boiling, frying, or roasting food. For example, the pure orange extract is an excellent match for winter vegetables. These may include fennel, parsnip, and potatoes in orange, ginger and turmeric.

3. Switch Your Spices

This is the best time to try something different! Change your herbs and spices and enjoy a new flavor and savory food. Add warm seasonings like cinnamon, cloves, garlic, and pepper to your dishes. This will result in wonderful seasonal flavors. It won’t only taste fantastic, but your entire house will also smell warm and welcoming!

4. Up Your Hot Chocolate Game

Mugs of steaming hot chocolate are ideal at this time of year. Be patient and step up your hot chocolate game instead of merely spooning the instant powder into a mug and putting hot milk or boiling water.

Numerous inventive recipes available will give the preferred hot beverage a kick. Why not add a dash of Schnapps or red wine for an adult flavor mashup? You could also add peppermint, caramel and cream for that sweet taste. 

5. Give Raclette a Go!

You can enjoy raclette during the winter. Nothing is cozier than heaps of savory, warm cheese you watch melting. There are several raclette setups for sale, but you can place the raclette on a terracotta tile and place it close to an open flame.

Scrape the cheese off as soon as it begins to melt and serve it with pickles, jacket potatoes, or baked bread. 

6. Prepare in Advance

You won’t want to keep running to the shops when it is chilly outside. Make a comprehensive list of the items you’ll need and stock up for the season. Acquire spices, flavorings, condiments and all you will need for the chilly season.

Final Thoughts 

Winter is an ideal time to explore new recipes and spend more time in the kitchen. With less to do outside, you can enjoy savory meals using these great ideas.