What Is The Variety Of Jobs Provided Within The Research of A Recruitment Agency?

Recruitment agencies aim to recommend to companies candidates who fit the profile they are looking for. Without being an aggressively advertised or highly visible service yet on the Romanian market, a recruitment agency offers candidates access to a wide variety of jobs.

Candidates who apply to an agency can also benefit from career consultancy – CV assessment and optimization, advice on how to prepare for the recruitment process, solutions, and suggestions, in case they want to change their field of work.

AMS AI is one of the best online platforms, providing any candidate or company with a wide variety of options. Whether a person is looking for the perfect job or a corporation is seeking IT-savvy candidates, AMS AI is the ideal solution.

What Are The Open Positions (to clients) In The IT Field, Following The Collaboration With AMS AI

After a preliminary CV screening, the next step is a phone interview, followed by various forms of assessment and a meeting with the recruiter. Depending on the projects that the recruitment agency is running, it calls on candidates who have been registered in the database, and if they fit the profile, the candidate will be introduced to the employer.

In the case of AMS AI, the agency is putting numerous IT jobs up for grabs. Here are some examples:

  • Full Stack Java Developer:

This is one of the best-paid jobs in IT, being a dynamic role suitable for candidates who have knowledge of front-end and back-end and who know many programming languages;

  • Full-Stack Developer:

This job involves several responsibilities, including providing technical guidance to other members of the development team, so an essential quality for any candidate is team spirit.