Benefits of Laying Artificial Grass on The Value of Your Home

Yes, properly placed artificial grass adds curb appeal and increases the market value of your house, especially if you live in a region of the nation that is experiencing severe drought conditions.

In a nutshell, here’s the explanation. Homes with appealing, bright landscaping and lush, green lawns that take little water, money, and effort to maintain stand out from those with less ecologically friendly landscaping and lawns that require a lot of resources to keep from browning and dying.

Maintaining artificial grass requires minimal work and time.

How could such beautiful landscaping need so little effort and attention? That is the power of a properly planned and implemented synthetic grass system in your Singaporean home!

Once you’ve designed a system with high-quality components like high-performance, non-toxic grass infill, your yard will look and feel perfect for years to come. To maintain your grass lush and green, use a fast and simple care strategy of brushing and light surface cleaning once or twice a month. Synthetic grass is a piece of cake compared to the significant work required to maintain a pristine natural lawn!

Water is saved by using synthetic turf landscaping.

According to the author of a news release issued by Synthetic Turf Council’s press release on February 1, 2011, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), over one-third of household water is used for lawn watering worldwide, totalling more than 4 billion gallons of water each day.” According to the Southern Nevada Water Authority, every square foot of grass replaced with synthetic turf saves an extra 55 gallons of water each year. As a result, a 1,800-square-foot lawn seeded with synthetic grass would save 99,000 gallons of water each year — around 70% of a homeowner’s water cost, or up to $500.

The ramifications are enormous, with major drought problems becoming more regular in a rising number of places throughout the United States. Turf lawns use less water and are more sustainable than sod or natural grass lawns, and more and more homes are choosing to be a part of the solution in response to these critical environmental issues.

Synthetic lawns are non-toxic, dog-friendly, and ecologically beneficial.

You may now choose green, clean, and innovative lawn infill materials like Envirofill and Safeshell. They provide peace of mind and correspond to the principles of contemporary American families. Envirofill and Safeshell were both designed to increase the durability, cleanliness, and safety of outdoor environments where children and dogs commonly play.

Microban® antimicrobial protection is incorporated into each grain of Envirofill during manufacture and successfully reduces up to 99 percent of the unpleasant smells associated with dog pee. It is the cleanest grass infill available, making it ideal for dogs, children, and athletes.

Safeshell is a natural, non-toxic product composed solely of crushed walnut shells. It provides integrity and safety without sacrificing quality or performance. It’s also naturally cooler than other lawn infill solutions, which is particularly useful during the hot and dry summer months.